How To Make Mobile Friendly Website – SEO Guide 2021

Do you want your WordPress site to be mobile-friendly?

Mobile search completely dominates the searches on desktop computers and more than half of the searches are performed by smartphones.
In addition, mobile adaptability is also a factor in Google’s ranking. That’s why it’s important to have a mobile website. This article will help you customize your WordPress mobile website.

How To Make Mobile Friendly Website
How To Make Mobile Friendly Website

What is Mobile-Friendly Website?

You may have heard of the “Responsive design”. It is synonymous with design adapted to mobile devices. Mobile-friendly websites mean that a website looks great on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet).
When the screen size changes, the content becomes a measure of that size. This means that the text of the website can be easily read and clicked on the links and navigation.

Why Mobile-Friendly Website is Important?

Today’s era is mobile and everyone has a smartphone. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it may be difficult to view and use it on a mobile device. To read content on a non-mobile site, the user must compress or zoom in.
This creates a bad experience for the user and as a result he leaves the site. Also on April 21, 2015, Google introduced customization of mobile devices as a ranking signal. Here’s another reason to create a mobile website. To get best Web Designer in mumbai visit our site.

  • Google uses this as a ranking factor

In 2015, Google changed its algorithm. If your site responds, then mobile search will have better results. Google has announced changes to its blog for webmasters Central: “From April 21, we will expand the use of mobility as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages ​​around the world and will have a significant impact on our search results. As a result, it will be easier for users to find the best and most efficient connectors for their devices.

These changes will affect searches in all languages ​​of the world and will have a significant impact on the results of our research. As a result, it will be easier for customers to get the right, high quality results tailored to their devices.

  • Improves user experience

People don’t like to enlarge and squeeze a web page. That is why it is very important to create a website tailored for mobile devices to provide a better user experience for the mobile user. A mobile-friendly website looks great on any device.

  • Faster loading speed

Speed ​​is also a factor in Google’s rankings. Also no one likes a slow website. Websites not optimized for mobile devices are loading very slowly. While websites suitable for mobile phones load quickly.

How to know website is mobile-friendly?

  • Your website looks great on your mobile device. But you have to test a lot of screens to see if it really responds.
    but how?
  • You can use Google’s mobile testing tool. Just paste the URL of your website in the box below, then click ‘Test URL.’
  • How to customize a WordPress mobile website? In a few seconds it will tell you if your website responds to mobile devices. If not, it will give you some reason.
  • How to customize a WordPress mobile website? If you get a red sign, it’s time to customize your WordPress mobile website.

So let’s start…

How to make WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly?

  • Install Responsive theme

1.Currently, however, all WordPress themes fit. But your WordPress blog is not mobile-friendly, which means you’re using an older theme.

2.To fix this, just install a new responsive theme that looks perfect on mobile devices and check in your mobile also because today time more people come from mobile phones. There are many WordPress themes on the market that fit perfectly. And one thing before you buy a theme is to make sure it looks good on all screen sizes. Also checkout our blog on What Are High Quality Backlinks And How To Create Them

3.For this you can check out a demo of the topic. If you are looking for a free theme, I recommend Generate Press, Astra and Hueman. And the Genesis Framework is the best of first-class themes.

  • Use Responsive plugins

Plugins help you add additional features to your site and make your site creative and effective. So it’s not like you can add anything to your site images, videos and much more you can add in your site. When adding a gadget, CTA button, and login form to your site, make sure it varies well for all screen sizes.

  • Do not use pop-ups for mobile devices

Do not use pop-ups for your mobile site. Most people don’t like pop-ups. Pop-ups confuse the user and create a bad experience for the user.
Although most email registration forms work well on desktops, they completely destroy the user experience of mobile devices.
Use other methods to promote what you display in the pop-up window. But if you want to save a pop-up for mobile users, use it after you’ve done a lot of testing.

  • Create a Responsive menu

Most sites have a navigation menu. If your site has menu navigation, make sure it looks good on any screen on a mobile device. Most modern WordPress themes provide responsive menus.
You can also use the Responsive Menu plugin.

  • Choose the correct font and size

It is necessary to choose the right font. Fonts should be clear and easy to read. You can also use capital letters and bold for the title. This shows a clear division between the content and the title. Also, make sure that the fonts are not too small because small fonts user not read your content properly.
People don’t want to focus too much on fonts. It will simply be excluded from your blog (no matter how good your content is). Use a font that the visitor can easily scan and easily readable.
I use 18 pixels for the font size and it looks great on any screen size. If you want to change the font size on the body, you can change it by going in the style of the theme. css.
Otherwise, just add the following code to the CSS section of the WordPress adapter.
body {
font-size: 18px;

  • Use the correct image size

The picture speaks a thousand words. And keeps site visitors longer. But make sure your images are high quality and your content looks great with the look.
If the image size is incorrect, squeeze and resize them before sending them.