Top 6 Best Technologies To Learn In 2021

In this world in which technology is rapidly progressing and the demand for the same is increasing. The vacancies in various industries require specialization in many upcoming and leading technologies. So, we have listed some of the emerging technologies that you should definitely learn in 2021.

Top 6 Best Technologies To Learn In 2021
Top 6 Best Technologies To Learn In 2021

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is broadly defined as the ability of machines to think, respond like humans. The simulation of Human Intelligence in machines which leads to an increase in efficiency & decrease in errors is the prime motive of artificial intelligence. Now Machine Learning is just a subset of Artificial Intelligence. People generally get confused between the two. There is a difference between both the terms on which will discuss later. Artificial Intelligence broadly includes a machine which with the help of software that observes, analyze, process and then predict and execute various activities. All of this is the algorithm. These algorithms help the machine in all its processing. There are generally & types of AI- weak & strong AIs. The hi-tech robots we see in movies are advanced versions of Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning

If we define Machine Learning in simple terms, a machine is trained by humans to observe, identify & process a specific set of data. In Machine Learning, until & unless there is no input provided, the system cannot distinguish a new set of data. For example, if a complete sensor room is functioned to sense the movement of a human & a dog or cat enters the room, there would be no action by the system. This is the basic difference between Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence that in Machine Learning, the machine cannot think of the process by themselves whereas, in Artificial Intelligence, the machine learns things gradually. Machine learning is a part of AI is also gaining demand in various industries.


The prime reason for the development of such a blockchain system is the lack of trust in digital currency which was successfully overcome by this technology. All the records are individually encrypted & thus hacking is near to impossible. Also, the participant’s identity is kept anonymous or pseudonymous. All the transactions are time-stamped and recorded on a block. All the network participants have a copy of the ledger for complete transparency with the participant’s digital signature. Why this technology is so secure is, if an outsider or hacker wants to tamper with a single block, they have to alter the complete blockchain & this an impossible task. Blockchain technology uses hash encryption to secure data relying on the SHA256 algorithm to secure information. We nowadays see that there is an increase in the number of cyber cases of fraud, hacking, and cheating. But now, blockchain technology is rising & shining in the industry. Speaking in easy terms, blockchain is a system in which it is difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat the system. It is a type of ledger which maintains records of purchase & sale within the network of a Computer system. Bitcoin is the greatest example of blockchain technology, which is gaining fame over the globe. To cope up with the future, we need to learn this new technology.

Augmented Reality

We have all seen AR in Hollywood movies wherein the hero uses visuals to plan a heist or save people from an attack. This is basically what Augmented Reality is. To enhance the real physical world in experience visual, auditory & other sensory information. Nowadays, various companies have started using Augmented Reality for the promotion & marketing of products and services. Augmented Reality is the future & people knowing this technology will surely be in demand. Now people confuse between the terms Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. There is a basic difference that the user in VR is subjected to a particular condition & an experience is delivered. Whereas in AR, a real-time visual setup is overlapped over the physical environment. Many companies use AR for explaining their product or service. Many games also have started AR for the gaming experience. The maps we use which are superimposed on the network of roads also is an example of AR. Also, the cricket & football matches that are broadcasted, use AR to show analytical information on the screens.

Data Science & Analytics

This is a new technology gaining popularity with the youth. “Data is the new fuel”- We all have to agree with this statement. Every smallest unit of our professional and personal information has been registered on the internet. We all register & signup with various apps and websites. Even our Aadhar card contains all the information. Now, the skill here to extracting useful information and insights from the big data ocean. The need & demand for data scientists is increasing day by day. A data scientist helps the businesses find only the necessary data for their growth & progress from the dataset. Now, AI is also taken for help in data science technology. Also, IoT which is a new trending technology is used for extracting required data for various organizations and businesses.

Cloud computing

As we discussed data in the previous technology, storing it and accessing it is a huge issue these days. The world is connecting through the internet & thus should the data.  This brings cloud computing into the picture. In Cloud Computing, the data you require for your business or work is stored on the Internet instead of a hard drive. Accessing such a huge amount of data remotely throughout the globe is the basic idea of cloud computing. There are various forms of cloud computing and we’ll understand them in coming blogs. Cloud computing drastically decreases the capital expense of buying software & hardware for such a big system are also saved. The amount of time required to access the data is minimal and thus is relatable. A person in the USA can work on the same set of data that has been updated by a person in India within minutes. We are just in awe after looking at its global scale. Also, backup of data is very important in data loss and data disaster. The cloud data is safe because it is online on the internet. Thus, it is a very important technology that you should learn in 2021.

These were some of the technologies that would be gaining more popularity in the coming days and thus we suggest you learn them as soon as possible. We hope you like the blog.