10 Tricks How To Boost Computer Performance Windows 10

You are using Windows 10, the latest version of Windows but still, feel low on performance? Many gigantic companies & organizations use Windows 10 as the operating system from the highest authority to the lowest working employee. But sometimes there is a lack in performance of your computer due to various reasons. So, today we’ll see some tips and tricks to boost your computer performance with Windows 10.

Keep your system updated

The windows system continuously gets updates & we should keep the systems updated to boost the performance of our windows. These updates fix various issues or lags within the system and there is upgradation in different software codes. So, what we suggest you is to be with the latest version. There are updates by the Microsoft team very often and we receive the notification for the same.

Shut down unnecessary apps

When the device starts, some of the start-up apps are launched by default. These apps occupy some valuable system resources. These apps affect the performance of your system. Thus, make sure you shut down all the unnecessary apps running in the background. You can find such background running apps in the task manager. These are the default apps by windows themselves, they are useful for some maybe not useful to you. Check such apps and shut them down or disable them.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

There are various apps that are default installed on your system. There are some promotion apps or some apps that windows feel are necessary and useful for the user. But, some of them are unnecessary apps that you don’t need. Sometimes, it happens that you install an app but due to some reasons it’s not useful at that moment. Make sure you uninstall such apps also. This releases space and many resources which are just wasted on these unnecessary pastises will surely boost the performance of your windows. If you need any help check out our Computer & Laptop Repair Services in Mumbai.

Optimize your hard disk space

We keep on storing data on to our hard drive and over time, some of this data becomes redundant. We are not awake until the disk shows an indication of data full or the lagging of the system. Instead, regular data checks must be made to avoid any lag. Make sure you clear unwanted data to keep space available on your hard disk. Clearing this unwanted data will definitely boost your windows 10 performance.

Clear temporary files

There are various resources used for storing temporary information within the processing of apps. This temporary data is used for the final output of an operation that the app or software performs. Once the result is generated or achieved, these files hold no importance. Such files are called temporary files or temp files. You can search them by searching TEMP in the search bar and just delete them. These files occupy space & clearing them will surely boost your performance.

Configure Ready Boost

There is an in-built feature in Windows 10 called ReadyBoost. Ready Boost uses a flash drive or SD card to store the files which are temporary to enhance the performance of the system. Instead of using the read access memory (RAM), the temporary files are cached to this external drive or SD card to keep this space free for faster performance. This feature is not available for SSD users.

Malware Scan

We all use the internet and while surfing through this web we might accidentally let in a virus, trojan, bug, or malware. These bugs or malware on your system due to various reasons hampers the performance of your system. There are various scanning software’s both paid & unpaid which scan the system for such malware & viruses. These malware act as a barrier to various activities of the system. Sometimes they just eat up the space of the system and slow down the windows. This scanning software also eliminates them to boost performance.

Update apps

You should constantly keep all your applications updated. The apps are updated for a better experience for the user. Also, much greater experience requires an updated system. Older version of apps tends to perform slower on latest updates due to compatibility. Because the software companies provide updates according to the latest compatibility of the system this helps in enhancing the performance of the windows.

Restart your device

This is the most obvious trick for boosting the performance of your windows but generally & ignored by many. Various apps are shut down which are occupying unnecessary space on your device. This simple trick will surely help in automatically shut down apps which you would be struggling to find. So, just make sure you reboot your system, be patient for a few minutes and enjoy better performance.

Managing page file size

There is a space on your hard disk which the system uses like a memory called a paging file. Make sure that the automatic page file management is turned on for your windows. This is a very broad topic and we’ll talk about this in coming blogs. But this will definitely enhance the performance of your PC with Windows 10.

You should definitely try these 10 tricks to boost the performance of your system with windows 10. Windows 10 lags due to various technical issues. We just need to find this issue, implement these tips and tricks and then enhance the performance of our windows.