Top 8 Importance of Biometric Attendance Systems For Offices

The recent advancements in technology and science have helped many businesses grow manifold. And one of the inventions which have helped in recent times is the biometric attendance system. We have seen people imprinting their thumbs on a digital device before entering their offices This technology is basically known as a biometric attendance system which is now installed in offices across the globe.

The fingerprint of every human being is very unique and varies from person to person. This was the basis of making a system that uses one of the unique identities of each human being for verification. Isn’t it such a brilliant idea? Now biometric attendance systems also include scanning of the iris, voice, and face. The accuracy of the later ones is increasing as science progresses. It is lately gaining fame in the corporate world because of its efficiency and accuracy. Today we look upon the importance of biometric attendance in offices.

Top 8 Importance of Biometric Attendance Systems For Offices
Top 8 Importance of Biometric Attendance Systems For Offices

1. Prevent proxy attendance

  • When a register was used to record the attendance of an employee, a system was absent with an approximation of records. Like the employee was not present for the day’s work but was attended by his colleague or friend. It’s complete cheating with the company.
  • Such frauds have been completely eradicated by the biometric attendance system, helping companies to overcome a huge problem that was difficult to handle in old times.
  • There’s also a problem known as buddy attendance. Companies face a lot of problems with employees marking their colleague’s attendance at different times.
  • But after using this biometric attendance system all of such cases come down to zero.
  • In Biometric attendance, the fingerprint, face, iris, and voice are stored and recognized when fed with the correct data. Various devices provide varied services, but the majorly used biometric attendance system is the one with a fingerprint.

2. Accurate calculations and leave management

  • Basically, in this biometric attendance system, the fingerprint, its shape, and the size of the employee’s hand are saved and cross-examined every time that employee imprints his fingerprint on the system.
  • The real-time data store about this imprinted with the date, day, and time.
  • This helps the company or the organization to keep a record of the amount of time that has been dedicated by the employees daily.
  • A keen watch and surveillance can be kept very conveniently by the companies on their employees.
  • Also, the management of leaves according to the policies of the companies becomes easier to manage.
  • No discrimination or space for the employee to complain is kept free because of this biometric attendance system.

3. Saving resources

  • Companies hire various people to manage the attendance of their employees. This system eliminates usage of such unnecessary resources saving your money as well as time.
  • The companies again have to rely on humans which can lead to errors while their payroll management. This problem is also overcome by the biometric attendance system.
  • Also, the amount of money spent on maintaining a register or any other type of system is pretty higher.
  • A company saves a lot of money by opting for a biometric attendance system.

4. Recording accurate data

  • There is no type of discrepancy in the data that has been recorded in the biometric attendance system.
  • This also helps the employees when they work and for how much time for the companies.
  • Employees work overtime to complete the task that has been allotted to them, but generally are not paid accordingly and their hard work is ignored.
  • Ins such situations, the employees also have an upper hand because of the records in the biometric attendance system.
  • Thus with the help of a biometric attendance system, we can be sure with the help of such accurate systems.

5. Discarding passwords ID cards and pins

  • The company does not have to invest in heavy systems which require the entry of passwords that should be allotted unique to every employee or a unique ID card or a unique pin that has been allotted to an employee.
  • The fingerprint of each and every employee is unique in itself and this is the foundation of the biometric attendance system.
  • This eliminates the scope of carrying an ID card, misplacing it, forget it. Also, passwords and pins can be forgotten or forged, or told. But fingerprints cannot.
  • Therefore, this is a convenient option for companies to help save resources over a period of time.

6. Simple use and effective

  • The biometric attendance system is very easy to install and comes with a low price.
  • The clocks and settings that have to be configured in the biometric attendance system are also a very simple task to do and thus help the companies to save time and money. Get all types of Biometric Attendance and Access Control System Installation Services for Office, School, College, Hotels, or Industry.

7. Employee accountability

  • Employees of the companies are now accountable for the amount of time that they have dedicated to the company.
  • There is a minute watch on their availability for work, presence during office hours, and commitment to their work.
  • This reduces the load on the payroll department which can decide according to the amount of time the employee has devoted and therefore issues them salaries.

8. Ease in assembling data

  • There are various audits happening in companies from time to time and during these audits the companies need to submit a detailed report of their every employee.
  • Here, the biometric attendance system helps the company to keep an accurate record of their daily work and the assembling of this daily data makes it easier for the company to make a report for the same.


So now looking at the advantage that is being provided by a biometric attendance system, you can say that this is an efficient and accurate system. We can thus state that it is a very important system that every office should get installed- for the both company as well as employee satisfaction.