Month: June 2021

Benefits of submitting websites to search consoles

We all have read in technical papers and blogs that there are search consoles which have their web crawlers who visit your websites and content. There are various reasons why you should submit your content to these search consoles. In today’s blog we will shed some light upon why you should definitely consider submitting your

Why is SSL certificate required for your website?

What is SSL ? SSL is “Secure Sockets Layer” and in simple terms it is just like an authentic representation which shows your users or customers that you can buy sell or browse very safely on the website which your company has designed and launched. Speaking in simple terms we can say that SSL protects

Top 8 Benefits of Guest Posting

What is Guest Posting? When you post or upload a piece of work by another blogger or an audience member on some relevant topic to your content, it is known as guest posting. It’s never necessary that an audience member or a person you know should submit guest posts. A fellow blogger & writer, friend,

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

You might not find a person in today’s world who doesn’t own or use a mobile phone. Children from age of 12 to old age 80s, everyone is just into the mobile screens, either watching a video, a movie, reading a book, playing a game, online or offline, making videos, and scrolling through their social