Why is SSL certificate required for your website?

What is SSL ?

SSL is “Secure Sockets Layer” and in simple terms it is just like an authentic representation which shows your users or customers that you can buy sell or browse very safely on the website which your company has designed and launched. Speaking in simple terms we can say that SSL protects the owner of the website that is you and also your customers and users from various digital bug that are present online. It just acts as a Firewall for the users. The green colour lock icon that you see beside the “http” and URL represents that this is a secure connection which is obtained when you get an SSL that is your Secure Sockets Layer certificate. This certificate holds an immense importance in the online circuit and has its own advantages.

Now if your website has something to do with digital payment that have to be dealt with various third-party service providers, your user should feel safe while making such payments. So, if you have an SSL certificate, the user is relieved about the trusted connection he is riding upon. You must create a secure and safe environment for various transaction because when it comes about money it gets dangerous, also when it’s about your data, particularly personal data, things become more vulnerable. Let’s have a look about various advantages you have when you have a SSL certificate.

Let’s Begin.🙌

  • 1- Data is the new Oil.

As we speak, data is the new oil and there are so many miners out there online to take up your data and use it the wrong way for their business. Don’t you get calls from various companies for buying their product or service, from where do you think they obtained your number if you have not submitted any to no company? Big companies like Facebook were alleged of data breach and thus the trust in online circuit is low. Nowadays, we login into various websites using our login ID and password. Also, such type of data is collected by the websites to make sure that the users get a very personalized service according to the interest of the users. But what if your data is not secure would you really visit such a website? This is the main reason why you need to have an SSL certificate so that your users or customers are safe from any data breach. Safety is important at the end of the day.

  • 2. Is your money in safe hands?

You have a very amazing website, designed by the best developers, have the best service or quality of product, but not safe from theft? Isn’t it worthless? We are moving towards digital payments becoming more cashless, but when you make online payments, your user should not fear to do a transaction. Never think that your website is too small for hacking or theft, such terms don’t exist for the hackers. If your website has an SSL certificate, your user is free to make any type of online transaction, because he is assured that his money is secured. SSL certificate is just like a bond of trust between the users and business.

  • 3- Increase in google rankings

It has come up from various studies and reports that a “https” website has higher google rankings. There are various studies done by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts regarding the SSL certificate and google rankings.Higher google ranking means getting a display higher on search engine results.Google has made various changes to its algorithms and thus SSL certified websites are given the top most importance.Now, https indicates a website with an SSL certificate which gives you more chances to reach people. Don’t you wish to stand higher in the search engine results?

  • 4- Giving an identity to the owner

The SSL certificate is issued by an independent third party called “Certificate Authority”. Depending upon your business, you need to get a particular type of SSL certificate, we will be discussing various types of SSL certificates in coming blogs. The Certificate Authority issues the SSL certificate through a fixed and mandatory validation process. Once you pass this process successfully, you receive a unique identity in the online circuit. There are people who create dummy websites under good business and pulling your traffic and creating a bad image in the market. Such an identity will make sure that you don’t have a fake website running under your name. This also helps the users to identify and also report such malpractices and get the required service from your end, satisfying the needs of your customers.

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Look, SSL certificate just has advantages which will be beneficial for your website as we have discussed earlier in this blog. SSL certificate creates a secure trust between the user and the owner. This helps you to crawl higher on the search engine results helping you to attract more organic and quality traffic to your website. We will be looking into the types of SSL certificates for various businesses and websites in coming blogs, also the process which you need to follow to get an SSL certificate quickly. Till then tell us about this blog, comment down below your experience and more information you would like to read about SSL certificate or any technical aspect of the online world.