Benefits of submitting websites to search consoles

We all have read in technical papers and blogs that there are search consoles which have their web crawlers who visit your websites and content. There are various reasons why you should submit your content to these search consoles. In today’s blog we will shed some light upon why you should definitely consider submitting your content to search consoles.

Google search console priorly known as Google Webmaster tools is the best search console in today’s date and thus, we’ll be primarily talking about the google search console. Many websites and bloggers recommend and have truly seen the magic that this google search console can do. Make sure you read this blog till the end to get acquainted with the wonders that google search console can do for your business.

Benefits of submitting websites to search consoles

   So, let’s see the benefits of submitting your website to search consoles.

  1. Moving higher on the search results
  • Billions of people search various things on the search engines. Google has a library of data which are indexed. 
  • The quality of content helps the engine to filter and prioritise this content and place them in the list of results.
  • The higher you are in this list; more are the chances of people visiting your content. The generation of traffic is tremendous. We’ll discuss about this traffic that is gathered on your page below.
  • This shows that the content you have posted is factual or highly reliable. 
  • So, remember, if you want to move higher on the search result list, make sure you submit your website to the google search console.
  1. Generate organic traffic
  • When your website is higher on the search result list, the amount of organic Traffic that is generated is tremendous.
  • It is said that statistically, more than 60% of traffic is generated because of the use of google search console and indexing of pages.
  • This audience is called organic because they come to your page for factful and knowledgeable content and they what they want. 
  • This makes a bond between you and the audience. 
  • A sense of unsaid trust is developed which helps the audience as well as the company to grow.
  1. Indexing content
  • The content that you submit to google search console is visited by the web crawlers.
  • These web crawlers go through your content, analyze it on various parameters and then index your page.
  • Indexing in simple words means the page is registered, noticed and received by Google and its algorithm.
  • You get a place in the library of google and the quality which is decided by parameters like keywords, length, factual things, authenticity, plagiarism and the uniqueness etc. gives you a higher place in the web result list.
  1. Getting analytical data 
  • Submitting your content to google search console not only gives you a place in web results, but has multiple advantages.
  • Will it not be tedious to collect data, how many people have watched your content, shared it, at what time span is your content viewed the most, comparison between your previous and present blog, get ready graphs, charts and numbers?
  • You will have to implement huge number of resources for the same and spend a lot of time for getting of this done.
  • What if I tell you that google search console does all of it for you!!! Isn’t it amazing?
  • You just receive loads of analytical data saving your resources and most importantly time. 
  • This data includes various graphs, numbers and charts which tell you about watch time, holding time, number of views, performance as compared to previous blog, increase or decrease in number of followers on your blogs, number of shares on various platforms, comments and subscriptions.
  • Such huge data might seem confusing and puzzling. But when you analyze it carefully, it will help you to gather more audience by upgrading by your audience. 
  • You get to know the likes and dislikes of your audience, the taste of your audience, what your audience responds to and how.
  • You can smartly design and implement various strategies for promotion and help to expand your territory and scope of audience.
  1. Content Optimization
  • The google search console helps you to optimize your content.
  • You’ll ask how? We create content, work hard, come up with new ideas, strategies and you say that google search console will optimize our content. Yes, it’s true my friend.
  • The analytical data that you receive helps you in acquainting with the likes and dislikes of your audience.
  • As we discussed, the graphs and numbers reflect the interest of your audience.
  • Also, this will help you create better content as you grow day by day.
  1. Tracking your site’s mobile compatibility
  • Around 2015, google brought its mobile friendly update and there was revolution in mobile friendly sites.
  • You can come to know the errors or mistakes in your mobile friendly site, get complete insight of the performance of this site.
  • Mobile being user friendly and easily accessible, this update in the google search console practically changed a lot of things. 
  • So, when are you designing you mobile friendly Site? 

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  •  The evolved version of Google Webmaster tools- that is “Google Search Console” is definitely effective and is useful for many small and large business entities.
  • The various feature it possesses, the power it has to analyze your data and come up with charts and graphs, helps you to understand your audience and move more towards the interests of your audience.
  • It’s varied use, user friendly environment makes it the favorites of Search Engine Optimization experts to common people, from industrialists to small business holders.
  • After looking at the various benefits that we discussed above, you just grab on the opportunity and make sure you optimize the use of google search console and help your businesses expand exponentially.