Best websites to learn coding and programming for FREE

I still remember, I did not like coding, the syntax, body, header, codes, errors, compile, run. But all of this changed when I met my new coding professor. The way he thought us, the ease with which he explained us, linked all the problems with real life and gave a solution-oriented approach, I became a nerd, just learning coding. 

This is the one factor; a good teacher changes your interest in a subject completely. Now, if you wish to learn coding and are keen in understanding the world of algorithms, we have brought you 1 best site to learn coding from. 

These sites are free and offer varied courses in various coding languages, not just help you learn languages but make contact with the various organizations in the market, giving you a platform to explore yourself and also, you might land a job. It’s not necessary to completely learn and then get hired, you can just join and learn for passion according to your convenience. So, let’s look into these websites one by one, so that at the end of the blog you can decide which website will bring the most out of you.

  • Bit degree
  1. Started around 2017, bit degree provides free online courses open to everyone and anyone who is willing to learn and excel. 
  2. It works on block chain based system and provide education by connecting the students with excellent educators and giving them a huge and great platform through various well renowned companies and organizations. 
  3. Just go to their website and start learning. 
  • Khan academy
  1. A very simple and straight forward website which can be understood by the people who are very amateur in coding. 
  2. Beginners can definitely rely on Khan academy for their coding ventures. 
  3. Khan Academy is not limited to just coding but you can definitely learn coding in very easy and effective manner. 
  4. Khan academy till date has millions of users who are expanding their spectrum of knowledge.
  5. What are you waiting for? Just go and start coding!!
  • Free code camp
  1. Again, a great platform for learning basics of coding, that too 100% free. It is a non-profit organization formed by Quincy Larsen. 
  2. This website has almost all languages of coding for students either individually or in pairs. The USP of this site is the practical experience provided by connecting them with various organizations for development. 
  3. After all, today’s world is more about practical and actual implementation rather than theoretical notes and codes. 
  4. Free code camp is definitely a reliable and free website to learn coding
  5. Visit the website and start your coding right away.
  • Hacker rank
  1. Don’t you like challenges in life?  The competitiveness brings out the best out of you?  Then hacker rank is the best website to be at. 
  2. Hacker Rank is a platform for both the developers and businesses fulfilling their needs of learning and hiring both. 
  3. The students learn through various challenges on the website. I personally love the simple interface that hacker rank provides. 
  4. These challenges help the students to explore themselves and the businesses to find talented and appropriate candidates for work. 
  5. Many of these challenges are just like test from the companies to check the compatibility and the type of approach a candidate has towards a problem. 
  6. So, when are you taking the challenges on hacker rank? 
  • Hacker earth
  1. This website is particularly for recruitment in technical fields but also provides the technical training for this recruitment. 
  2. Making recruitment easy and simple is the goal of this website. This start-up has grown so big that many giants have been putting their money into it. 
  3. This website believes, everyone who joins the website is the owner of the website and thus has liability towards work.
  4. This changes the approach of people towards learning various coding languages and then work on various projects offered by Hacker earth.
  5. You learn coding here, like work here like a founder and grab an opportunity that will make your life golden. Just start executing. 
  • Geeks for geeks
  1. If you are a geek, be at geeks for geeks!!! A platform wherein you learn, teach and explore yourselves.
  2. With several articles and blogs, they have online courses, live sessions as well. This helps the learners in vivid ways to grasp, understand and implement the knowledge. 
  3. This is the perfect website for the geek inside you, visit this website for sure. 
  • Codecademy
  1. You want to learn numerous coding languages and become an ace in technical coding. Here is codecademy with over 12 coding languages. 
  2. It is an American interactive platform for coding. Now, you can learn coding for free but it also provides a premium option for personalized learning. The free courses also provide various opportunities for the learners. 
  3. It’s just like an ocean of knowledge, you need to swim through it. 

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  • Coding ninjas
  1. A sure shot place to get an opportunity in the technical field is coding ninjas. 
  2. The company claims that their aluminis work across various giants of corporate world like google, amazon, Facebook and many more. 
  3. They also have both free and paid online courses for various languages.
  4. You should definitely go and check this website for free coding lessons.
  1. This website encourages beginners, especially schools and the children to learn computer science. 
  2. A very interactive and interesting website which targets mainly the United states of America audience, creating interest about coding, teaching them for free and create keen interest about computer science. 
  3. They focus on building the foundation strong and just work on it by teaching children.
  • edX
  1. Said to be launched by Harvard university and Massachusetts Institute of technology, MIT, starting back around in 2012. 
  2. It is an online interactive website to learn coding in simple and easy methods.
  3. The spread of edX is worldwide with over millions of learners and thousands of teachers getting and delivering quality coding content and that too for free.
  4. Isn’t it a great opportunity to learn coding?


After going through this blog and then choosing any one of the websites for learning coding and programming, we definitely believe that you would excel in learning coding and become a pro in very less time. But it also depends upon your interest and time devoted for learning.

So, without wasting any time, just go start learning!!