How to use YouTube as marketing strategy

  • We all see a mobile phone or a tablet or a laptop with even kids less than 4 years old. And in that also, YouTube is the second highest used search engine all over the globe. 
  • It is said that around 500-hour video content is been uploaded for every minute on YouTube. These numbers are so astonishing. 
  • The response people give to various videos and content creators shows us the power of this platform. We have seen children from age of 5 to age of 90 who run a YouTube channel and are getting fame all over the globe.
  • The recent update of YouTube Shorts is also a great step towards the rapid increase in the organic traffic that you gain. More information in lesser amount of time, conveying a message in the shortest yet entertaining form. 
  1. Create a channel
  • First of all, the basic step here is to create a YouTube channel. You might be wondering why create a YouTube channel, we are not youtubers or content creators. 
  • You are right but you have to be to increase the reach for your business. Creating a channel will ensure that you have your own platform space where people can reach, watch, appreciate and share your work with the masses. 
  • This YouTube channel will give you an identity that too completely free.
  • Give your channel a proper name, either of the business company or something related to your business.
  • Add your logo and appropriate images as profile picture and background picture to make your channel look more authenticate.
  • The more attractive the front page or the first insight, the chances of people liking your content about business and then binge-watching increases heavily.
  1. Promote your business through YouTube ads
  • Don’t you see various ads which are shown before or between the videos that you watch?
  • Zomato is intensively running the YouTube ad campaign and are receiving immense response and helping them to expand their business.
  • These are advertisements which help the company to hammer the product or service on the minds of the audience.
  • Around 90% of world’s population uses YouTube as a video watching platform, so just imagine the scale and scope of reach these YouTube ads have for a business. 
  • There is a set of producers and guidelines by YouTube for YouTube ads, on which we will be discussing in detail in coming blogs.
  • Once you promote your business on YouTube ads, you will definitely see tremendous increase in the traffic your website has, videos have and the sales concerned with the business.
  • Also, an increased number of views also leads to generation of revenue which can help you in monetary terms.
  1. Show your service or product
  • There are various mediums for conveying information of which video is the most appreciated and loved one.
  • People love to watch rather than read or just hear. So, the video medium is much more powerful and its accurate and smart use will definitely help you expand your business.
  • You can showcase your products, how to use them, the quality you have maintained, the advantages your product has than your competitor in the market, correct way of handling etc. 
  • This will create a positive image about the product and the company, as the customer or user gets a visual glimpse of the product, sitting at home just on the mobile screen.
  • Visually attractive and up to date content creation will help you get the special place in the hearts of your customers.
  • This has proven to be an amazing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique in recent days.
  1. More engagement, more business
  • As we discussed, people love visuals over any other medium and YouTube being a video platform helps you to gather more traffic to your website, increase your sales and expand your business.
  • More engagement, more business is the simple mantra here. The more people come watch the video, the YouTube algorithm increases the rank of your video which helps you to reach more viewers. 
  • Your video would be in the suggested box by YouTube which then gets you more clicks, giving you more engagement and thus leading to more business. 
  1. YouTube detailed analytics
  • When you upload a video on YouTube, open to the public domain, people visit your channel, watch your video, like it, comment on it, save the video, download it, share it to other platforms.
  • Now, all of these numbers are difficult to remember and impossible to work on manually, but YouTube studio helps you to maintain this data, make ready analytical data, charts, comparisons etc that too for free.
  • You can decide on which area should you work upon after getting this data and use the optimum resources.
  • For how much time your user has stayed along with the video, how many are liking it, you also get to know the suggestions or appreciation in the comment section, like a feedback, on which you can think, grind and decide later.
  • Afterall customer problems are well told by themselves and working on them shows your interest in providing good service to the customers.
  • This YouTube analytics proves to be boon for the business to plan and then execute various business strategies for getting more sales.
  • Also, the application of YouTube Studio is available for getting notifications and data analytical record on their mobile phones.

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If you are not on YouTube and not using it as a marketing strategy for your business, you are just wasting some free resources available online which can multiply your business opportunities infinitely.

Visuals are more favoured by the people and thus, the second largest search engine, YouTube helps you to reach to more audience.

Creating your own identity and telling the world that you are the only one that exists and others are dummy or fake.

YouTube is a boon for businesses and one of the best marketing strategies which is used in today’s digital marketing world. So, when are you launching your business on YouTube?