How to index your blog on google 2021

The audience needs authentic information about various technical terms, processes and practices which are used in today’s online world. This is the main reason why various companies, businesses and individual freelancers have started writing content in the form of blogs.

Theses blogs are published on their websites or community websites which are available for the audience to read and learn. This is used as a strategy in digital marketing which is definitely useful for both the bloggers and the audience.
A good blog post which doesn’t get the type of audience it’s needs, isn’t it fateful. There are various reasons for the unpopularity of a good blog post. So here comes in picture “Google Indexing”. We’ll we discussing various tricks and tips to get your blog quickly indexed by google in today’s times. Let’s begin.

  • What is indexing?
  1. A bot which visits and analyses content on the web indexes pages which are updated. Here for google, they have googled crawlers (google bots) who visit various pages, links and content online and then index that page. Once the page is indexed, on various parameters it is displayed to various audience that reach out to google for the same content.
  2. There are billions of people searching on the search engines, especially google. The number of pages containing the content that a user searches for with keywords in these engines, a particular set of links and pages is displayed to the user.
  3. Now, the placement of these links and pages on display is decided by the google. And indexing of the pages help it to do so.
  4. So, you need to make sure that your page is google indexed as soon as possible to remain on the top of the search results. And remember, there are billions of search results which are displayed, so the competition is enormous!!
  • Google Analytics and search console
  1. I would recommend you to firstly set up the google analytics and search console. It is basically a tool which will provide you statistical data and then analyze the same to give you various conclusions about your blog page.
  2. You also get information about your last crawling, indexing errors etc.
  3. Once you setup, you will need to login and prove that this is your domain.
  4. There are various methods to do so and once that is done, you are ready to go.
  5. This will make sure that google notices you. Once you are in the system, google will definitely crawl through your content and gradually index it.
  • Structure your website
  1. Once you have made sure that google notices your content, you need to structuralize your website.
  2. It’s obvious that the google crawlers are bots, working with algorithms. They will not keep exploring your content until they find it.
  3. You have to make sure that it becomes easy for them to navigate through you content.
  4. This is possible once you design and structure your website. Place the required content in a hierarchal manner.
  5. Divide it into categories, sub divisions and lastly, all of it should be connected by a common thread. Ill logical and unnecessary flow will just make it worse.
  6. Work on your website after you provide quality content. Make sure the navigation is smooth and feasible.
  • Strong Search Engine Optimization strategy
  1. We have discussed about Search Engine Optimization and various strategies for it. But the web crawlers are smart now.
  2. The introduction of artificial intelligence and stronger algorithms have made the old and cheesy echujines redundant.
  3. Using trendy keywords which are irrelevant to your blog, using the same keyword numerous times unnecessarily are now old and childish practice.
  4. The web crawlers immediately get to know about the same and has a very bad impression.
  5. There are various strategies available online and many digital marketing companies who help you to build a strong and sustainable strategy.
  6. Make sure you design and build a strong Search Engine Optimization strategy to pull audience. Once, you start gathering audience, the crawlers will visit and index your page for sure.
  • Interlinking blogs
  1. This method is one of the easiest to let google index your content. But for this to happen you need an already indexed page with you.
  2. When you post a new blog, make sure that you link it with your older blog- the one which is indexed.
  3. Now, as this indexed page has good response and will be crawled frequently, the interlinked blog will also be crawled.
  4. This will help your blog to come into limelight very easily and noticed by the crawlers. This method looks childish but it works.
  • Check Google crawl errors
  1. In the google search console, you have a setting know as crawl errors with some other statistical information like watch time etc.
  2. You need to frequently keep checking your google crawl errors. I suggest you check the it twice a month.
  3. This will help you analyze the frequency of crawling and let you know how your page is performing. If it has a good graph, this means google is indexing your content frequently.
  4. But if your numbers are not good, you should make sure that the content is complete and useful, find the reason why it is not been read by the audience and update for the same.

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The indexing of your content helps you to stay above all in the search results. Such an organic audience is just like cream for your company. The audience that is generated by this indexing is literally more than 60%. Who wouldn’t want it?

Thus, we decided to give you these tips and tricks to get your blog indexed on google in 2021. Make sure you follow these and help yourself gather more audience for the blogs.

Afterall a good blogpost deserves to reach everyone and google indexing will help you to do so. Tell us in the comments about your new tricks you used to get indexed and the results you achieved after using the tricks we have suggested you.