What is forum submission and its importance in search engine optimization?


We have discussed SEO- Search Engine Optimization in our various blogs and also have gone through the trade secrets of search engine optimization for the growth of your website or blog. Search Engine Optimization definitely helps you gather a lot of organic traffic and make people come to your content. But now you are trying all the strategies of SEO and thinking I want something more impactful, something that has way more power of pulling visitors to your website. Don’t worry we have brought for you a simple yet effective strategy which many creators use to gather traffic.

What is forum submission and its importance in search engine optimization?

What is Forum Submission and the basic idea behind it?

  • If you are in between a discussion with some random common friends and are discussing about the problems of youth facing depression. One of these members is talking very confidently and speaking sense, as if he seems to be an expert.
  • You will definitely feel about talking to that member about many other problems, because you believe that this person might give us information that is very useful for your problem or just to gain knowledge, wouldn’t you?

Where is the strategy?

  • Now you might be thinking where is the strategy? This is the strategy, widely known as FORUM SUBMISSION.
  • Forum Submission is based on the above example that we have discussed about. There are various online forums running throughout the web and people take active participation within them.
  • People come here to discuss, ask, answer and acquire knowledge on various fields.

History of Forum Submission

  • Forum Submissions have evolved over the period of time. As we have seen the search engines have grown smart, the scammers got no chance here.
  • Prior, people used to get links wherein they were supposed to get the required answer or knowledge they needed. But these scammers put up irrelevant links to any discussion leading to misdirection of the viewer.
  • But these days, the forums have been expanded with various topics been their core.
  • From health to infrastructure, to farming to coding, everything has a separate forum and backlinks created are verified through various methods of the search engines.

How can we use forum submission for more traffic?

  • Now, you can just go create a profile, join a thread of discussion and you are ready to go.
  • When people come on such forums, they have a lot of questions. When you answer these questions, you are like the expert for them, and thus they rely on you for this information. You become a trusted source for them.

Backlinks and the magic they bring in

  • Here you provide backlinks for your blogs or websites and the viewers are redirected to it.
  • When the viewers feel secured and satisfied about your blogs, they definitely get connected and become a daily organic traffic.
  • Your links are also shared within their reach on various social media platforms giving you exposure to more audience.

Please Sound Sensible

  • The challenge here is to sound sensible and have relevant and authentic knowledge about the field you are working in and submitting on various forums.
  • Also, there are various forums available online but you must be smart enough to choose the best forum for your efficient and fast growth.
  • Your blog credibility is linked to the forums you are attached to and post on regularly.

Keywords are always important

  • Also, keywords here too make a larger impact on the visibility of your content on these forums.
  • The better the keywords, the more the scope of reaching your content to your audience.

Title your post rightly

  • The title of your forum post should be clear and loud, telling the audience what they might be looking at.
  • Misleading titles would lead to a bad image within the community.
  • Your value decreases as the word spread’s very quickly within the community.
  • So, make sure you have a good and clear title which indicates about your content.

Don’t use copied content

  • The forums are very strict about various rules and regulations and thus copied content might lead you to very serious trouble.
  • The forums have all the rights to take action against you and thus will surely affect the volume of visitors to your blog or website.

One major advise we would give you is- AVOID DIRECT MARKETING!!!

  • Remember, this is not a tool that has been provided to promote your content or work, this is created to have discussions within various intellectuals for the growth of the society.
  • The main purpose is to initiate dialogue for a specific topic between people for interaction of knowledge and information. So, don’t promote your content directly.
  • This is a strategy which is smartly used by creators to slide in their content to reach to newer audience.
  • You just have to serve the viewers by feeding them right information through your blogs and that will definitely give you wonderful results.

Best forums to post.

  • Now, you might ask that which are the best forums in which we should post? There are various forums available online of which some of them are Yahoo, Reddit , Quora , Stack Overflow, Final Thoughts.
  • You can visit these forums, understand their rules regulations, understand their working, research about the type of audience and start posting. Because it’s free!!!

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As we have spoke about Forum Submission, the importance of forum submission in search engine optimization various trade secrets by which you can obtain more audience. Concluding, we can confidently say that forum submission is one of the best strategies which is still used by various creators to gather more audience. You just have to make the correct and smart choices. Just make sure you don’t do the mistakes that many creators do which we have mentioned in the blog. Happy Forum Submissions to you creators!!