Difference Between Typescript And Javascript

You all must have heard from your friends and colleagues that, “You know, you should learn typescript instead of JavaScript!!” or also words like, “You know I love Java because of it’s simplicity, these type scripters are just show offs.” Now, you might be definitely confused between these two languages and what the difference between them is? So, let’s take a look at both the languages and help you find the perfect language to start with for yourselves.

Difference Between Typescript And Javascript

What is JavaScript?

  • It is basically a language used for scripting and creating interactives websites for the users. It is basically a client inclined language used for generally small projects.
  • Being a scripting language, the codes in java are known as Scripts. JavaScript is compilation free or doesn’t need a software to run it.
  • It automatically runs once the codes are written in plain text format on the webpage.
  • Introduced in 1995 and previously called Mocha, is successful language in the history of coding science.

What is Typescript?

  • Typescript is an object-oriented programming language. It is basically a superset of JavaScript.
  • Introduced by Google, typescript needs a complier to run and cannot be implemented directly to the webpage. It is an open-source language.
  • We can use any JavaScript file as a typescript file. This a very new language which is going through research since 2012.
  • Now let’s look at the differences between the two languages.

Static typing

  • Speaking in simpler terms, static typing indicates an error if you allot a type of value to the variable at this moment and allot another in the next line, an error will be generated, as you cannot change the type of value assigned.
  • Let’s see an example, if we allot a=12; and then write a=dance; you will have an error generated due to static typing as the type of value assigned to variable ‘a’ changes from numeric to string.
  • So, now the difference regarding static typing, JavaScript does not support static writing whereas typescript is strongly static typed.
  • This is a huge advantage which saves a lot of time and energy if you have results linked to one of your outputs, that is your final result depends upon some intermediate output.

Prompting of errors

  • If you are a coder, you know that how much time consuming it is to write a code, without mistakes and that’s a really tough job.
  • We tend to make mistakes of various sorts from syntax error to value assigning due to heavy pressure.
  • In typescript, the codes are run prior to output for any errors and this easy error identification helps us to rectify and re run again.
  • Whereas, in JavaScript, the errors are known only at the development time. You might sometimes be lost for hours just finding the type and place of error.

Type of language

  • The more intelligent the language is, thee easier it is for the coders to code reach their desired output.
  • JavaScript is merely a scripting language.
  • Whereas Typescript is an object-oriented language. Typescript supports concepts like classes, interface, inheritance, generics which is not the case in JavaScript.

Optional Parameter

  • What is optional parameter? If you are writing a code and forget to allot a type to your parameter, optional parameter will allot “undefined” as the type. But a default parameter will assign a default value to parameter.
  • Typescript supports optional parameter whereas JavaScript does not support optional parameter.

Ease of learning

  • What if you are a beginner and want to know the best option to start with? Your answer is definitely JavaScript. I would suggest to learn JavaScript before and then turn towards typescript.
  • As we discussed earlier, typescript is the superset of JavaScript. JavaScript is the base of typescript and you always need to keep your base strong.
  • JavaScript is an easy language to learn, more flexible for naïve and beginners as compared to typescript.
  • If you are new and start with typescript, you tend to make a lot of mistakes and you will get infinite errors. Solving them will make you start hating this language.
  • Instead start with JavaScript, master it and then jump to typescript.


  • As we discussed, typescript is a strict and strong static typed language. You need to compile the codes before running it.
  • Errors are displayed and you need to solve them for your code to run and give you an output.
  • For such process, you need to annotate your code. Make it easier for someone other to understand your code and work on it easily.
  • It might be tedious for someone else to understand your way of thinking, especially in complicated and long code projects.
  • But, in JavaScript, the errors are known during the run time, you don’t need to annotate your code.


JavaScript generates an extension file of “.js” whereas Typescript generates an extension file of “.ts”.
But, you can run any .js file through typescript. Afterall typescript is the superset of JavaScript.

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  • According to whatever we have discussed in this blog, it’s really hard to tell which is the best language to use. There are big companies like google using the JavaScript but the performance provided by typescript is extraordinary.
  • Typescript is used by companies such as MongoDB, Evernote, Freedom Financial Network, Asana, Screen Award etc.
  • JavaScript is used by companies such as Instagram, Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Facebook, Google etc. (Some big names, aren’t they?)
  • Now, it clearly depends upon the user, client or the coder to decide to prefer which language they should use. JavaScript is a basic language which is definitely very useful for beginners and newbies to learn the basics. The results are quick and fast. Also, JavaScript runs on the webpage also.
  • Whereas, typescript restricts you to make mistakes and helps you to make your code more perfect. But the compilation and running process increases the time required for the code to run. The time required is more as compared to JavaScript. Also, typescript does not directly work on the webpage.
  • It’s completely up to the user to choose between the up to two languages they are comfortable with and have progress with.