PC & Laptop Repair Services in Elphinstone Road, Mumbai


If your computer isn’t working properly and you’re seeking a tech support specialist in Mumbai, iWeb Hub is the best computer support business in Mumbai, providing a live computer fixing center.

It is usually a sensible option to ask the support of a repair service professional whenever your computer stops working or starts to fail. Our computer store specializes in laptop repair, offering various on-site and off-site services to users. So, choose iWeb Hub and obtain the Best PC & Laptop Repair Services in Elphinstone Road, Mumbai.

iWeb Hub offering services including:

  • CPU Service – We fix CPUs as a whole, so if you’re a digital newbie who doesn’t know more about pcs’ insides, give us a call, and we’ll help you fix your problem. Our professional will check your laptop, determine the specific issue preventing your CPU from functioning properly, and provide you with an ideal response by resolving it in the most efficient manner possible.
    • Frequent CPU problems:
    • System of being hung or stoned
    • Rebooting the system 
    • Blue screen of death
    • Network failure 
    • USB doesn’t operate
  • Repairing the Motherboard – We provide any computer and laptop motherboard support, including 845, 865, 915, 945, 61, 71, 81, 91 microprocessor boards spanning from P-4 to Core i3, i5, i7, and so on. We are eager to work with all computer system motherboard manufacturers, including Intel, Asus,  Dell, HP, Compaq, Apple, Biostar, and others. iWeb Hub is offering superior PC & Laptop Repair Services in Elphinstone Road, Mumbai.
    • No display.
    • Randomly freezing & sudden restart
    • USB not working 
    • There is a problem with the PS/2 port.
    • The LAN is not functioning.
  • Hard Drive Fixation – Hard disc repair is a time-consuming task, yet our experts are specialised in it. Whenever your hard disc, which contains vital data, fails unexpectedly, please contact as soon as possible. We’ll fix that and get your essential info back to you. We have more compassion to deal with situations like this.
    • No detection.
    • Incorrect capacity
    • Failure of logic
  • Repairing SMPS – A defective power source can disrupt your laptop’s functionality, so if your system stops or becomes stoned, contact us right once. Regarding SMTP maintenance, we charged our customers a minimal service fee.
    • The system is not powered up.
    • Restarting
    • CPU is imprisoned/stoned

One can get all these services at iWeb Hub and offers PC & Laptop Repair Services in Elphinstone Road, Mumbai

Why Choose iWeb Hub?

At home and in the workplace, our life revolves around a pc. Nothing is more annoying than having your pc break down in the middle of an issue. We offer the quickest pc service center to have your system fixed.

We specialize in electronics maintenance and have a process-oriented approach to ensure speedy delivery. To retain customers updated, we have improved our processes and methods of maintaining. In addition, we charge less and have a superior return policy in place to ensure that standards are maintained. So, contact us at  +91-8850-590-904 to receive the Best PC & Laptop Repair Services in Elphinstone Road, Mumbai.