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Introduction Want to upgrade your graphic card for better graphic effects or to add more RAM into your PC or laptop for smooth performance? Then you would need a professional for help. There are various repair service agencies which will help you to upgrade your hardware configuration. Cost effectiveness matters!! But an important aspect hers

PC and Laptop Repair In Malad

Introduction We all are now exposed to online content and see various DIYs for different topics in daily life.Some of these DIYs are really useful and easy but when it comes to hardcore issues in your life, let the professionals do the work.And in computer repairs, you should always hire a repair agency for varied

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INTRODUCTION: You have been working on your laptop for a presentation, and now after hours of working, you bring up coffee to refresh yourself, and by accident, the coffee spills over!!! Such a tragic event. All your hard work washes away. Now, you have a defective laptop which is very much mandatory for your work

Difference Between Typescript And Javascript

You all must have heard from your friends and colleagues that, “You know, you should learn typescript instead of JavaScript!!” or also words like, “You know I love Java because of it’s simplicity, these type scripters are just show offs.” Now, you might be definitely confused between these two languages and what the difference between